Vision Statement: As our community's youth, we seek to aid others in the process of attaining resources for the betterment of their mental health.

Aloha everyone! We are Mālama Mental Health, a group of CTL Ambassadors from McKinley High School who aim to spread awareness about the importance of mental health, especially in Gen Z. Our group identified key problems regarding mental health in Hawai'i's youth and came up with the solution to create a directory website containing everything a Gen Z individual in Hawai'i would need/want to know about mental health since there is no site that exists with this purpose. We are partnered with Doctor Trina Orimoto, a licensed clinical psychologist from the Hawai'i State Department of Health. We hope that this website will help normalize speaking out about mental health while aiding others attain much needed resources. A video is posted below with instructions on how to navigate this site (for those who may need it), and if you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know in the Google Form underneath it. Mahalo!

Mālama Mental Health Infographic.pdf

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